Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wit and Whimsy

This posting is about my explorations and experimentations in Mixed Media collage. I felt the compulsion to create the layers,
I used the Zen approach "Heart versus Head" to create these mini collage paintings. They are created from the unconscious in a meditative way. 

Starting with a pile of different odds and ends ie ephemera from my collection, I set out to design a series of mini collages. In the collection of oddments are: fabric, paper, and textured paper of different weights, very odd sizes, nothing regular My initial aim was to assemble these small artworks in a pleasing way using all my design knowledge of positive and negative space. I then placed and glued them down and embellished. A word about my selection in this series.....

I somehow drifted to the Zen and Orient for inspiration. There are six small collages in the collection and are named aptly.

Nirvana - is defined as a state of bliss and described as the perfect peace with the world. The state of mind is that of free of anger and craving.

Nepenthe - is described as a magical potion that quells all sorrows with forgetfulness. In literature the effects of Nepenthe are similar to those of opiates.

Karma - Karma means "deed" or "act". If one does good or spiritually valuable acts, one deserves and can expect good luck

Mantra - or "chanting" can be defined as a repetitve sound or group of words. Some purposes of Mantra have included religious ceremonies to accumulate wealth, and avoid danger or eliminate enemies.

Geisha - is described as a female Japanese entertainer, whose skills include performing various Japanese Arts, such as music and dance.

Edo Lovers - centered in Tokyo during the period between 1680 and 1860. They are part of the "Ukiyo-e" genre of Japanese Art - "Ukiyo-e" means pictures of the floating world


Sharilyn Miller said...

LOVE your new collages, Carole! They are so "you." I enjoyed seeing what you are up to and hope that you will continue to update your blog regularly!

me again said...

These are just fabulous; I am particularly drawn to Karma. So glad you shared!!

Carmi said...

I missed you!
Love the new collages!