Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Very Fine Art of Assemblage

Quote from Picasso:

 The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place;   from the sky,   from the earth,   from a scrap of paper,   from a passing shape,   from a spider’s web.
In 1961, the Museum of Modern Art New York MOMA held an awesome retrospective exhibition of Assemblage.
Some of the exhibiting artists of the past in this retrospective:

KURT SCHWITTERS - used wire, wood, mesh, paper, cardboard
PABLO PICASSO - used chair caning, painted wood pieces, upholstery fringe, sailcloth, nails
ARTHUR DOVE - used roof shingles, needlepoint, compressed flowers in a piece called "Grandmother"
LOUISE NEVELSON - boxes of many shapes, balusters, finials, arms, legs from tables, chairs, spindles
JOSEPH CORNELL - used astrological charts, uncoiled clock springs, apothecary jars, and went out   gathering in the streets.

Second Hand Rose
Assemblage - 27" x 15"
Carole Segal

a)   Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.

b)   Assemblage is predominantly assembled, rather than painted, drawn, modeled or carved, but may include all of these in the process of creation of a fine art Assemblage.

c)   Entirely, or in part, the elements are preformed or manufactured materials.  Objects or fragments, not intended as traditional art materials, but definitely are used as art materials in an eclectic, artistic way.

d)  Assemblage artists create objects by collecting and gathering, and is a specific of found art, which simply means art made from previously made objects found by the artist

Some exciting Assemblage artists of today:
PATRICIA NIX famous for her altars and icons
EVE DAMIE famous for her Egyptian Nefertiti Assemblages
LEO KAPLAN famous for his box art

I collect, hunt and gather for unique pieces in antique shops, flea markets, junk shops, and dollar stores. Seldom do I use glue only for joining.  I have learned to use drills, hammer, nails, screws, and clamps, and fabric bandaids.

A few of my finds

More finds

yet more finds

My assemblage work could be defined as feminist, avant garde, and modern day kitch.


Detail from "Femininity"
Carole Segal

There are no rules for creating assemblage. My work is based on design, composition, texture, colour and is very labour intensive.

They are pieced together and embellished with such elements as mirror, mosaics, carvings,  The process of gold leaf, paint,  fabric gives additional freshness to the quality of my work.





Susan Krieg said...

You're amazing, Carole. You turn clunky little odds and ends into grace and elegance. The photographs are beautiful, so I can only imagine how intense and striking they must be in person.
Susan Krieg

Sheila Malric said...

I cannot wait until we get started.
I can't believe how beautiful the pieces are!! You have such a rich imagination to be able to put these things together.

Carole Segal said...

Thanks friends and family for the lovely comments. Very much appreciated. Warm regards to all. Carole

Susan Williamson said...

I really enjoyed this post Carole. Thanks for inspiring me. You've encouraged me to go back to assemblage and look at it differently.